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Village Hall 618-227-8831


Elementary Dist 12 Beckemeyer and Breese. Beckemeyer Office 227-8242 -  Breese Office 526-7128
Serves the elementary students of  Breese and Beckemeyer.  Between 650 and 700 students attend the three school buildings and are served by 42 teachers, teachers' 17 aides two administrators and numerous support staff.  Large, modern buildings with a highly qualified staff are recognized as good examples by the State Office of Education. 

ASA Catholic Grade School - Breese 526-4323
The two parochial schools in Breese, St. Dominic's and St. Augustine's, have merged to create an enhanced learning environment for Breese students known as All Saints Academy.  Recently the parochial school from St. Anthony's in Beckemeyer consolidated with All Saints giving the new school a rich history.

Mater Dei Catholic High School - Breese 526-7216
Founded in 1958, Mater Dei High School is reputed for its emphasis on scholarship, augmented by a fine religious background.  The arts, preparation for college, and a good general education are the objectives of principal Dennis Litteken and his 45 staff members.  A school board composed of 14 members, one representative from each parish, form the policies. The extracurricular program includes sports and the arts.

Central Community High SchoolCentral Community High School - Breese  526-4578
High school students are well trained, academically and vocationally, at Central High School, which also covers Aviston, Albers, Bartelso, Beckemeyer, Germantown, St. Rose and surrounding rural areas.  Excellent computers, a health occupations program, expanded shop classes, an outstanding business department and a new tech prep program to give students practical experience prior to graduation are trademarks of Central.  Many extra-curricular activities, including sports and music, are offered. 

Colleges and Universities -
20 minutes to
McKendree College, Lebanon, IL;  a 4-year liberal arts college-
25 minutes to
Kaskaskia College, a 2-year community college.
30 minutes to
Greenville College, Greenville, IL, a 4-year liberal arts college.
45 minutes to
St. Louis University, St Louis MO.
45 minutes to
Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, IL.
50 minutes to
Washington University , St. Louis, MO,
50 minutes to
University of Missouri St. Louis, MO
There is a fine opportunity for a well-rounded education.
  • Churches
    St. Anthony’s Catholic Church

    451 W. 3
    rd Street - 618-227-8236

         Father Chuck Tuttle, 618-526-4362
         DRE: Phyllis Mensing
         Secretary: Marietta Kuhl

    : Saturday at 5:30 pm and
    Sunday at 8:30 am

  • Beckemeyer United Methodist Church

    791 Elizabeth

    Worship Service: Sunday at 10:30 am
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